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Smart Buying for Smart Parents
Our Mission
We have a team of experts in the e-commerce and parenting businesses. Our team is global, but our core is based in China.
Our mission is to disrupt the parenting industry in order to make it safer, more convenient, and more transparent for everyone involved. The FamilyPoints platform will make parenting cheaper and education more accessible.
Blockchain Ledger
We are creating the world’s first fully transparent blockchain ledger which stores information about reviews, rewards, and transactions to build a system of trust for children’s products and education.
The Problems We Solve
Market Problems
  • High markups
  • Too many fake reviews
  • Parents can’t afford to spend on education
  • Advertisement-driven communities
The FamilyPoints Solution
  • Eliminate excessive markups and pass the savings to parents
  • Genuine reviews powered by community upvotes
  • Provide parents with educational opportunities
  • Value driven community
FamilyPoints Platform






Strollers & carriers


Cosmetics & hygiene

Buy & rate & upvote
Platform returns cash-back
from 5% to 40% of the price
in points

Upvoting rewards for posts, answers, reviews

Video courses

Live-streaming with experts and parents

Calls with experts

Online languages courses

Q&A; sessions

Hotline for all parenting question 24/7

Booking child centers

Kindergarten solution

Use Case: Moms & Dads
  • Subscribe to platform
  • Buy products
  • Collect reward points
  • Learn about products and services
  • Provide ratings and reviews
  • Upvote content and reviews from other users
  • Watch educational videos
  • Contact expert consultants
Use Case: Service Providers
  • Subscribe to platform
  • Sell services
  • Find new customers
Use Case: Manufacturers
  • Subscribe to platform
  • Sell services
  • Find new customers
Use Case: Merchants
  • Subscribe to platform
  • Sell services
  • Find new customers
Use Case: Expert Consultants
  • Subscribe to platform
  • Sell services
  • Find new customers
Use Case: Investors
  • Buy tokens
  • Use tokens for subscribing to platform
  • Sell tokens on market
Why FamilyPoints?
We have more than 40 years of combined experience in e-commerce and maternity and baby products. Our partners include industry giants like Alibaba, Houzz, and Babyhaven.
We have produced, filmed, and maintained the world's largest library of parenting videos based on science and best practices. Our experts have shared their knowledge in an easy to consumer format. Watch the videos
We have gathered the best parenting experts available to provide parents with answers and help provide them with peace of mind. Consulting with experts has never been easier. Visit our website
We are winners of the 2015 G-Startup Worldwide Competition in Beijing. This allowed our team to launch operations in China, one of the biggest parenting markets in the world. G-Startup Beijing official website
We have a list of partners who distribute our content to parent:
We have more than 14,000 baby products ready to be shipped to FamilyPoints's customers. Our inventory is substantial and growing every day because of our partnerships with Babyhaven.com, EduToys, Meikind, Nosh, and GreenTom.
We translate our content in 8 different languages: English, Russian, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.
With our team of legal advisors from leading law firms, we are safely implementing our token model into the global market using existing loyalty program standards.
Our founder started Babystep when he became a father for the first time. Our investors, partners, and advisors are all parents. For us, parenting, children’s products, and education are more than just the fastest growing markets, they are things we face every day in our lives. This is something we know intimately and can change for the better.
There is extensive research about childhood development, but only few have access to it. We want to make that research available to parents in a format that is simple, practical, and easy to access. Our mobile application links to our video library of exclusive educational parenting content.
We have an internal design studio that has developed the “Kindergarten Cooperation Solution”, a business solution for kindergartens and early education centers. We equip classrooms with furniture and open new revenue streams for product sales.
We have connections with more than 2,100 service providers who will provide our platform and its users with unparalleled educational services. All service providers will meet our rigorous standards of quality.
We have established warehouses and logistics facilities in Singapore, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Los Angeles. Our warehouses are strategically located and allow us to ship products globally with ease. For shipping, we have already partnered with UPS, Deppon, and SF Express.
Founded and raised $3m investment
Won biggest Chinese start-up competition in Beijing. Won Best Social Responsibility Award, GMIC-Bangalore 2015
Completed production of 1,150 videos in 8 languages
Hit 100 million views and 1 million subscribers in China
Babystep platform with rewards concept created - June 2017
Babystep platform experts calls feature launched (MommyCon USA , NY) - 2 Sep 2017
Launched babystep kids room sales in China - Sep 2017
Babystep reward sales - Oct 2017
Q2: Phase 3 – Global Growth - Focus on global expansion of FamilyPoints platform [Expand marketing efforts; Implement global distribution network; Launch of "Education Center" pilot program in Shenzhen]
Q2: Phase 1 – Mainland Success - Launch of FamilyPoints platform in China [Implement blockchain ledger for reviews, ratings, and transactions]
Q4: Phase 2 – Western Expansion - Launch of FamilyPoints platform in USA [Launch "0-6 Program"]
Our Team
CEO & Founder
Ainar faced parenting problems the moment his son was born. He decided then and there to create a company that would provide parents with the greatest benefits. He founded Babystep.tv, a company which created the largest parenting video library in the world with 1150 videos in 8 languages. The company has more than 1.5M subscribers in China and has won China's biggest startup competition (the same competition won by Didi 6 years ago). Ainar has previously owned and operated a chain of kindergartens. He was the Head of Mobile for Pixonic, which was sold for $30 million. Ainar is a father of one.
Chief E-commerce Officer
Aloysius has over 15 years of experience in the baby and juvenile products industry. He has specialized in distribution and sales in the Asian continent. Aloysius has built various companies such as Nosh, an organic baby food producer, Greentom, a manufacturer of 100% eco-friendly strollers, and Antnez.com, a specialty warehousing company. Aloysius is a father of four.
Chief Business Development Officer
Shaoming founded the first parenting e-commerce website in China and has been working in the e-commerce industry for more than 10 years. Before joining FamilyPoints, Shaoming was a senior manager in the Alibaba Group. Now, Shaoming is focused on platform strategy and e-commerce service providers. Shaoming is a father of two.
Member, Advisory Board, Head of International Development, houzz.com
Mikhail has previously worked as a senior manager in Airbnb. He is currently the Head of Growth for Houzz, a $4 billion company, and is responsible for the entire global market. In FamilyPoints, Mikhail is applying his knowledge and experience to build our platform with a big user base and B2B partners. Mikhail is a father of two.
Chief Technology Officer
Head of Production
Lead Expert and Chief Methodology Officer
Country Director, China
Business Development Manager
Ecommerce Project Manager
Product Owner, babystep.expert
Director, Administration
Country Manager, India
Educational experts
Ready For Global Scaling
Member, Advisory Board, Blockchain Development Advisor
Member, Advisory Board Associate of Yingke Law Firm
Member, Advisory Board Partner at Greenberg Whitcombe Takeuchi Gibson & Grayver LLP
Member, Advisory Board Senior Partner at Dentons Rodyk
Member, Advisory Board Head of Legal for Tech Group at Deloitte CIS
Member, Advisory Board Head of Department - Built Environment, University of Wolverhampton
Team Experience
Companies And Manufacturers
We Are Partnered With
Antnez is an international logistics and fulfillment company that connects the US and Europe with China and Southeast Asia. The company has fulfillment warehouses in Los Angeles and Singapore.
Nosh produces USDA and EcoCert compliant organic baby food products. The products are sold in 5,000 stores across the US and 12 other European and Asian countries.
Baby and Maternity product-oriented e-commerce site. The company sells its products in the US and China. The company already has 14,000 SKUs, 2 warehouses, and US$32 million of turnover. Baby and Maternity product-oriented e-commerce site. The company sells its products in the US and China. The company already has 14,000 SKUs, 2 warehouses, and US$32 million of turnover.
Professional Baby and Juvenile products manufacturer. The company has a wide product range including child travel systems, smart toys, babycare, and bath products. Products are sold in Asia, Europe, and South America. The company produces 600,000 car seats annually.
The company creates smart, functional, and sustainable strollers which are produced from 100% recycled components. Greentom won the Reddot Award 2016, EcoExcellence Award 2016, and Design Intelligence Award 2017. Greentom strollers are sold in US and European markets.
Deppon is a specialty express delivery company which covers 34 provinces in China and has over 1.2 million square meters of warehousing and transfer centers.
UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. The company operates in more than 200 countries.
Airayi is a Xian China government acknowledged babysitter service provider. The service offer babysitter training, education, and certification.
Antnez is an international logistics and fulfillment company that connects the US and Europe with China and Southeast Asia. The company has fulfillment warehouses in Los Angeles and Singapore.
The Parenting Market
Global Market
Total educational market
Global annual sales of baby products

China Market (our core)
Annual sales of baby products in 2016
Percent of families who don't shop online because of fake products and fake reviews
Number of children aged 0-14
Percent of Chinese parents who blame cost as the deciding factor for not having a second child
Users Subscriptions
Edu Experts
Users can subscribe by either FamilyPoints tokens or fiat currency. The subscription fees which are paid in tokens are burned by FamilyPoints on receipt.

Payment Methods
Token Allocation
Management Team
Frozen for one year
Advisors & Services
Funds Allocation
Platform Development - Infrastructure
Inventory, Warehouse, Delivery, etc.
Marketing & Sales
Promotions, PR, Ambassador Program, etc.
Platform Development - Technology
Software Development, Hosting, Servets, etc.
Processing, Testing, QA, etc
Hard cap of Crowdfunding in USD:
$25 Million
1 FPT price in USD:
Compatible for Exchanges:
Token Pre-sale Starts:
21 February 2018
Token Sale Starts:
28 February 2018
Token Sale Ends:
27 March 2018
Maximum Token Bonus:
Tokens are 100% pre-mined. Any unsold tokens will be burned.
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